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A Week in My Life: Summer Edition

So far, Summer of 2017 has been the best one yet. Everyday becomes better and more relaxed. Today, I am going to share what a week of summer vacation has looked like to me, even without traveling out of state…

A beautiful pond at a local mall in Carlsbad.

The inside of a Pressed Juicery. So cute!

Here are a few pictures of the Carlsbad and Oceanside areas. We just explored the area, walked around into local shops, and browsed. Everything was so aesthetically pleasing and relaxing. If you are ever in the area, I 100% recommend taking time out to explore. The shops were so unique; one even had a workshop where someone could build their own terrarium necklace! I will definitely be going back to make one. Both places were not crowded at all and felt very calming.

We also went to the Carlsbad Forum and tried Pressed Juicery Freeze for the first time! It was so so yummy and definitely crushed any cravings for actual ice cream! It was a little pricey, but I found value in it because not only was it vegan, there are very limited amount of ingredients, all of which are fresh and clean. If you happen to live near one, I totally suggest trying it.


Even with all the relaxing I have been doing, I have been trying super hard recently trying to stay consistent with blogs, so I hope all of you are loving them! Don’t forget to leave post suggestions, subscribe to receive notifications on when I post next, and follow me on all my socials! (:

xx Talk to you guys soon! xx

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