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Because it is New Years Day, most of you have probably thought about your new goals or are in the process of creating them. So, I figured it would be helpful and relevant to share a health related tip on why smoothies are NOT good for you.

How does one make a smoothie? Well, it’s pretty simple; blend some fruit, ice, and liquid of choice, and BOOM, “healthy” smoothie ready to go. However, most don’t realize the cons of drinking a fruit smoothie. When the fruit is blended, it is basically the process of you chewing it by mouth.

When you chew fruit, you are breaking it down into glucose, AKA sugar. So, when all the fruit is blended and formed into a smoothie, most do not realize that their “smoothie” is practically a sugar drink. When you drink a smoothie, your body receives a high concentration of glucose, which all eventually leads to your pancreas secreting insulin to balance out the high sugar levels. If consumed daily, it can eventually lead to diabetes quicker and/or other health issues.

One should instead eat the fruit individually and throughout the day, not all at once in the form of a liquid. However, it is okay to drink smoothies once in awhile, and/or in small portions.

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