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Mexico Cruise 2016

During the spring of last year, my family and I took a trip to Mexico as our second cruise. However, we did not go through the same cruise line as our Alaska trip because we wanted to experience a different type of line just for fun.Yes, it is a pretty late post, but I figured I would still share!

We went through the Norwegian Cruise line; the ship we were on had a slide and 2 large jacuzzis next to pools. Every night, they performed breath taking shows that displayed amazing talents of professionals from all around the world. Also, the food was excellent and provided options for everyone. However, if I had to choose which cruise line I would go with Princess Cruises because they amazed not only myself, but my whole family with the elegance and customer service. Norwegian was great, but not as high of level as Princess.

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Authentic shrimp and guacamole! So yummy!
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Snorkeling in Puerto Vallerta
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Open and clean beaches!
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On the yacht in Puerto Vallerta!
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Kayaking in the ocean!
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Hiked to see this waterfall. It was so beautiful but SUPER cold!

We stopped in 3 cities: Cabo, Matzatlan, and Puerto Vallerta. Our first stop was Cabo. Personally, my favorite city and excursion was in Puerto Vallerta for we went through the calm waters on a yacht to snorkel and kayak. Throughout our trip, we were able to experience the unique culture of Mexico, especially their amazing shrimp and guacamole! Mexico is definitely worth traveling to and going back to!

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