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Continuing on from my previous post, I thought, why not share my ultimate go-to snacks and meals that are not only healthy, but also eliminate any cravings.


  1. Fruit: This may seem obvious, but fruit is my #1 go-to snack. Not only is it healthy, but the sweetness eliminates cravings that are unhealthy.
  2. Nuts: I like to pack a couple of handfuls of assorted nuts to school everyday. It is a very filling snack and will keep you full for a decent amount of time. On top of it, nuts help you get essential nutrients and contain healthy fats.
  3. Yogurt: Yogurt is another craving killer and is filled with important nutrients. A little DIY is you can put your favorite yogurt in a sandwich bag, cut the corner off, and make dots on parchment paper. If you stick that in the freezer, you will get your own frozen yogurt “dip-n-dots!”


  1. Eggs and Tomato: One of my favorite meals to eat in the morning, or even at lunch, is egg with fresh tomato. Personally, I cook my eggs full fried (meaning the yolk is solid) and throw in some sliced tomatoes in the same pan. Not only are you getting protein out of this meal, you are substituting unhealthy, preserved ketchup with fresh tomatoes. You can also add flavor to it by sprinkling on some salt, pepper, and garlic powder!
  2. Seafood and Vegetables: I made this category pretty broad on purpose. Most seafood items are very healthy for you and contain essential Omega fats. Personally, I absolutely LOVE salmon and shrimp. With this protein, I usually eat broccoli or green beans on the side, which are seasoned with some parmesan cheese, salt, and garlic powder.

That is it for this blog post. I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of my favorite healthy meals and go-to snacks. Please subscribe if you are not already to be notified when I upload my next post! (:


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