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Be Inspired. Take Action.

Many times people say they will do something, but never actually perform. Easier said than done right?

Well, now is the time to switch your habits. Now is the time to quit making excuses. Now is the time to start caring. Now is the time to make change.

Now is the time to be inspired. Now is the time to take action.

I was leisurely watching Youtube videos when I came across one that literally brought tears to my eyes. Please take a mere 6 minutes out of your day or night to watch something that is ACTUALLY relevant & important to our society/ beautiful Earth:

I hope after watching this video you won’t forget that pollution is an ongoing problem. Think about what you can do EVERYDAY to conserve, reduce, and sustain.

Everyone can make a difference. It all starts with you- so make that change, be inspired, and take action.

Xx Harshi xX

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