Stay organized


As a student who has been in school for a while now, I have learned and come up with ways to stay organized all throughout the school year…


A daily planner is my holy grail item when it comes to staying organized. I take out my planner every class and write down anything important that I need to get done or something that is coming up, like an exam. I also add in events or plans not having to do with school; this includes any family or sporting events, as I am an athlete. At the end of each day I check my planner to make sure I have completed all my tasks for the day. Even just writing down what you need to do on a sheet of lined paper is better than trying to keep everything inside your brain for you to remember. Also, if a planner is just not your thing, there are so many other options out there. For example, I LOVE Google Calendar. It is my all time favorite for apps dealing with organization; you are able to set events, reminders, or tasks day to day. It is also convenient because it can be synced with any and all of your devices.

2. Work first, play later

Ever since I was little, my parents always taught me to get my work done first, then go ahead and do whatever I please. So, I have made a habit of getting any and all work done once I got home; afterwards, I would be able to relax and enjoy whatever free time I have. Sometimes you can make an exception, like when you have practice immediately after school. Getting your work done first lets you mind relax after everything that needed to be done, is completed. You are able to enjoy the rest of the day with a worry free mind.

3. Pack ahead of time

Before going to work or school the next day, I always like to pack my things the night before. This includes my items for school and my lunch. Packing ahead of time allows you to not forget anything because you have it already ready to go. In addition, if you happen to oversleep by accident, it is easier to just grab and go because everything is organized and waiting for you in the morning. It saves time and energy by doing this simple step.


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