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This past summer, I went on a trip to Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite in Central/ Northern California. I experienced many unique hikes and soaked in all the beauty of nature. Little did I know this would ultimately lead to my decision of me choosing my major for college to pursue my passions… 

During our hike to Rainbow Falls
The famous Rainbow Falls
A small waterfall we found a mile away from Rainbow Falls

If you are ever in Mammoth Mountains/ Lakes, Rainbow Falls is THE hike you want to do. It is relatively long, but so worth it at the end. I was speechless at the natural beauty of our earth. There was so much greenery throughout the hike, with various plants. We even saw a deer in the distance. We also went to Devil’s Postpile which was amazing! Below is a picture even though it does not do it justice:

Continuing our adventure, we moved on to Yosemite National Park. Here, we completed a very rigorous hike that was very steep and miles long. The view was more than worth it.

This trip was special to me because it made me discover how much I truly love our planet and how change needs to occur in order to save it. Nature does not have the ability to speak for itself, so us as humans must take responsibility and be advocates. I will always be thankful because it opened my eyes, and I hope it does the same to you. Keep your planet healthy and in return it will keep you healthy.

This ultimately led to me realizing how much I cared for our Earth and protecting it, that I decided this was a career I wanted to pursue. I want to be able to fight for our environment, so people start to take action and make change. If you would like a post more about my journey in caring for the environment and my college decisions, be sure to leave a comment or tweet me your thoughts! Thank you so much, and I’ll talk to you very soon!

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